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A specialist consultancy and advisory


Twenty50 is a specialist consultancy and advisory founded by Resource and Energy Industry leader Tim Phelan. Dedicated to supporting businesses develop appropriate strategies, plans and implementation approaches to support sustainable future business ambitions. We support clients predominantly from the energy, resources, and industrial sector.

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The Challenge and how we can help

The markets in which we operate change and the community, investors, governments, and customers expect businesses to adopt and adapt to meet new expectations. For many organisations, it’s challenging to stay on top of changes and interpreting the potential impacts for their business model.

Twenty50 can help provide capacity to develop strategies and actions to ensure your company is informed and prepared for change. We also support our clients to create and implement strategies and plans that position the business for sustainable success.
Our collaborative approach is to carefully listen and take time to fully consider the specific requirements of your organisations operating context. We ensure what we deliver is innovative, affordable, practical, and sustainable.

Our engagement philosophy. Twenty50 develops tailored strategies to ensure our clients are well placed for success via our three-step process:

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