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How can I develop ESG credentials?

ESG Story Board

At Twenty50 we have a structured process to help your business step through the areas necessary to establish an ESG Strategy and Plan.

The first step of the process is to evaluate the existing business ESG maturity looking at key business attributes including culture, strategy, structure, operating model, people and technology. Through a facilitated process the business determines what commitments it wishes to make and over what timeframe. Noting the business will be held accountable by the stakeholders to achieve these. These commitments should absolutely align with the company’s purpose and be integrated to the business plan.

ESG Story Board
ESG Story Board – Click to view

An overarching structure is implemented including a charter, clear commitments, KPI scorecards, business plan and governance. A change management plan is then used to facilitate the implementation of the strategy aligned with a 12-step implementation process.

Reports are then designed to provide the variety of stakeholders the necessary information at the appropriate frequency to assure actions are delivering the outcomes required.

Finally, on at least an annual basis the strategy and plans will be updated to align with the changing market conditions.

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