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Do I need to develop ESG credentials?

Do I need to develop ESG credentials

The community, investors, governments, and customers expect businesses to adopt an appropriate response to the 2050 net zero emissions target. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is a top issue for investors, boards, companies, employees and communities.

Your business must be clear on the reason why it is implementing ESG actions in the first place. Let ESG be a tool that helps your business solve a problem for your customers/stakeholders and generate value for your shareholders.

For example, Australia represents 26.3% of the global LNG export market. More than 90% of export customers have signaled an ambition to be net zero by 2050, many to halve by 2030. What value can your business add to support that outcome?

Australia is rated the third best country in the world for the development of renewable energy providing affordable transition pathways. How can your business take advantage of this and create value for your customers?

Does your business need to develop ESG credentials? Yes, if you want to solve problems for your customers and create opportunities to grow and differentiate your business. It will also serve to help mitigate risk from the changing expectations of the marketplace.

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