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Where am I on the ESG Journey?

ESG Maturity Model V3

There are a number of ESG Maturity Assessments available for use. Twenty50 have a simplified version enabling your organisation to get started with a quick yet effective high-level assessment of where you are and help drive thinking about where you aspire to be.

The assessment views the organisation through a lens of:

  • Culture – is sustainability embedded into the way things are done around the business?
  • Strategy – how core is it to the purpose of the business?
  • Structure – how integrated is sustainability into the way the roles and responsibilities are structured and how leaders and teams are rewarded?
  • Process / Operating Model – is sustainability data & data flow hard wired into the organisation and easily accessed for reporting purposes?
  • People – are individuals and teams ESG competent and accountable?
  • Technology – has the business invested in technology to support sustainability?

Based on these organisational factors the organisation’s maturity is rated from E1 – Procrastinator through to E5 – Innovator. Following the assessment, it may be appropriate to gather the leadership team together via a facilitated workshop to assess future goals and actions. Twenty50 have a twelve-step process to help navigate progressing from the current state to the desired future state. For further information please contact Tim Phelan at 

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